With private jet flight costs going down and private plane rentals companies starting up everywhere, flying private has now become the new trend for those who can afford it. However, private jet flight cost there is more to it than just the cost. We live in a dynamic world where time is a crucial factor, and for those who are pursuing business deals around the world, private the most justified means to travel.

To discuss the matter further, we share the top 5 reasons why people are choosing to travel on a private jet. And are expected to do so for the foreseeable future.


Travelling on a Private Jet Increases Efficiency

Though it is true that some private jets can travel faster than commercial planes, when it comes to saving time, private jets are superior because they eliminate the extra hours you need to give waiting at the airport.

If you simply calculate the time it takes between entering the airport and the take-off for a commercial plane, it will be much clearer. Simply consider the time it takes to cross the security and immigration lines, for all the passengers to board, and to find luggage after arrival.

On the other hand, the average waiting time before boarding a private jet is around 5-6 minutes. There are no queues or lines to go through and running around from one gate to another. Even when you land, there will be a car waiting to get you out of there with minimum hassle and the shortest time.

One top of all these, private jets can access smaller airports closer to destinations, and can fly directly without any transit points. Thus, private flying in the ultimate epitome of efficient traveling for the modern businesses and luxury enthusiasts.

Private Jets Add Flexibility

If you want to fly off to a business trip for the day, and want to be back home by night, a small private jet is a perfect pick for you. If you want to have breakfast meetings in Tokyo, business lunch at Delhi and dinner at Hong Kong, a larger private jet can do the trick. But such flexibility and luxury can never be accessed with commercial flights.

Privates jets grant you total control of flight schedule and can even changes plan according to needs mid-flight.

Comfort Beyond Comparison

From fine dining to dedicated crew members, private jet experiences are designed to make you feel like a king, not just a seat like commercial planes. No more vacuum packed foods or fighting for the armrest, on privates jets you can enjoy luxury cuisines at the comfort of your own home.

Even the smallest private jets comes with enough space for sleep, business, and entertainment. On the other end of the spectrum, larger jets can come with apartment like compartments, with completely furnished bedroom, toilets, guestroom, and features as fancy as you can imagine.